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We decided to start over from Scratch!

Welcome!  Thanks for taking the time to visit our website.


Scratch Kitchen & Catering is the result of a humble dream in which we go into business under our own terms and direction. The idea is simple: real cookery from scratch, due to a love of cooking and a disdain for the pre-fab foodstuffs which pollute the modern marketplace.  In short, we will only serve that which makes us proud to serve it.


Scratch is owned and operated by the brother-sister team of Kyle & Stef Bennett.  As locals ourselves, we aim to please the local clientele in hopes of cultivating a successful business which will thrive all year long.  We arrived here on Broadway with over 40 years of industry experience under our belts.  


Come and check us out!  We have a little something for everybody, and we know you're going to love it.



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Grand Opening: Spring 2015!


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