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(Don't sweat the timing – we serve some of this menu all day long!)


Grilled Cheese Frittatas - $9 (served all day!)

Savory egg custard baked to perfection and couched in a delicious grilled cheese sandwich.

Varieties include:


The Lorraine: Applewood smoked bacon/balsamic caramelized onion/Gruyere cheese


The Southwestern: Sauteed onion and pepper/Tex-Mex seasoning/chili corn salsa/Manchego cheese


The Vegimitarian: Broccoli/balsamic caramelized onion/baby spinach/sauteed red pepper/diced roma tomato/chevre/basil-arugula pesto/Havarti cheese


The Hashtatta: House braised corned beef/diced potato/sauteed onion/hollandaise sauce/cheddar cheese


French Toast (served daily until 11:30 AM)


Plain Jane: $7     

Bacon & Chevre: $9     

Peaches & Brie: $9

Apple Cinnamon Cream Cheese: $9      

Strawberry Cheesecake: $10

Breakfast Burritos - $9 (served all day!)


The Original: Southwestern frittata/spicy chicken/chili corn salsa/black bean hummus/pepperjack


The Porker: Lorraine frittata/BBQ pulled pork/hardwood smoked ham/tomato-bacon jam/cheddar


The Vegginator: Vegimitarian frittata/artichoke fondue/crimini mushroom/basil-arugula pesto/Havarti cheese


Scratch Specialties (served all day!)

Breakfast Burger: A 4 oz. Beef patty with American cheese, served on an English muffin with roasted garlic aioli, over hard egg and applewood smoked bacon. $7


*Make it a double-double! Double burger, double egg, double cheese, double bacon: $9


*Make it a sausage double! Burger + sausage, double egg, double cheese, double bacon: $9


Basic Breakfast Grilled Cheese (served all day!)

Served with two eggs over hard and melted American cheese – available as wraps too!


Egg & Cheese: $5      Bacon, Egg & Cheese: $6      Ham, Egg & Cheese: $6

Sausage, Egg & Cheese: $6      Chourico, Egg & Cheese: $7

Steak, Egg & Cheese: $7      Spicy Chicken, Egg & Cheese: $6



Saucy Breakfast

Available Daily until 11:30 – served with spud nuggets


Eggs Benedict: Hardwood smoked ham/poached egg/griddled English muffin/hollandaise


Veggie Benedict: Wilted spinach/crimini mushroom/roasted red pepper/poached egg/griddled English muffin/hollandaise


Portuguese Benny: Sliced local chourico/sauteed pepper and onion/poached egg/griddled English muffin/house pepperjack gordito sauce


Zeechy Benny: Griddled pork sausage patties/poached egg/griddled English muffin/house made sausage-bacon-pepper gravy


Sausage Gravy & Eggs: House made sausage-bacon-pepper gravy/eggs any style/English muffin/spud nuggets 



                                                          Breakfast Sides


Spud Nuggets: $3 


Applewood Smoked Bacon: $3     Hardwood Smoked Ham: $3

Griddled Chourico: $3      BBQ Pulled Pork: $3      Corned Beef Hash: $4

Griddle Toast: $2

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